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MedicaLogic, Inc.
Electronic medical records (EMR) software

  • Helped design, then coded, edited, and indexed online help for web-based system providing patients with appointment scheduling, messages to and from doctor, and access to medical records and other health information
  • Led a large team developing online help for medical clinic record-keeping, scheduling, medication tracking, and related tasks.
  • Developed custom templates for simpler creation of "tabbed" help topics.
  • Developed online help for a reporting tool for home-use blood glucose monitors.
  • Developed and presented training in fundamentals of online help for Windows applications.
  • Helped develop and present writer orientation for major documentation project.

Watson Wyatt Software
Benefits-management software

  • Wrote Word macros for custom conversion of legacy RTF files to HTML.
  • Helped develop premier release of documentation in HTML Help.
  • Designed and developed context-sensitive help for customizer's interface.
  • Developed online programmer's references for customization APIs.

STEP Technology
Custom software development (Microsoft Solution Provider Partner)

  • Designed and developed online help for various web-based, Windows CE, and Windows applications.
  • Wrote white paper and executive summary for Internet publishing system.

Responsys, Inc.
Web-based customer relationship development software

  • Edited, indexed, and helped write online help for web-based application to create and manage "approval-driven" e-mail marketing campaigns.

Freightliner Corporation
Software for trucking service centers

  • Designed and developed online help for multiple releases of diagnostic and service-tracking application suite.
  • Created training-card help for long, multiple-path tasks, which traditional help could not have described concisely and effectively.

DAT Services
Information services for the transportation industry

  • Designed and developed online programmer's reference for software API.
  • Created and maintained online help for Windows applications.

Synopsys, Inc.
Logic simulation analysis software

  • Designed and developed online help for Windows application running in emulation under Unix.
  • Designed and developed HTML-based online help and tutorial (later converted to PDF) for Unix application.
  • Wrote content for product-related web pages.
  • Edited data sheets for simulation models.

OrCAD, Inc. (now part of Cadence Corporation)
Electronic design automation (EDA) software

  • Wrote user's guide, edited and indexed online help for Internet-based part selection module.
  • Wrote tutorial for computer-aided design (CAD) add-on product.
  • Developed and presented training in fundamentals of online help for Windows applications.

NCD Software
Network computing (NC) software

  • Developed online help for X-server and related software for Windows NCs and PCs.

TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
Semiconductor design and manufacturing

  • Wrote, illustrated, and laid out product data sheets.
  • Designed and developed product and service catalog.
  • Wrote copy and created technical illustrations for corporate web site.

Ted Gruber Software, Inc.
Graphics library for game developers

  • Constructed and indexed online programmer's reference for FastGraph software API.

Prometheus Products, Inc.
Modem hardware and telecommunications software

  • Wrote hardware reference manuals for installation and use of internal and external modems.
  • Added descriptions of new features and updated menu structure in existing online help.

Blue Sky Research
Math typesetting software

  • Drafted user's guide for installation and use of Quark Xtension, supporting fonts, and other software.

Intel, PacifiCare of Oregon, and others

  • Provided consultation and short-term troubleshooting.
  • Presented training in fundamentals of online help for Windows applications.

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